Hey 2016: Hello From The Other Side

It’s the end of the year. The end of 2015! 2016 is just a few hours away, depending on where in the world you are. That last line I feel the most right now. I’m reminded how I get to see nonstop celebrations about the new year on social media because of my friends all over the world — old and, especially after this year, new. Shout out to the Philippines!

Sempre um intercambista 

Where has this year gone? I’ve done so much. Been to so many places. So many things. And yet I still have a lot to learn.

I have NO idea what 2016 has in store for me. It shall be one hell of an adventure though, I’m sure.

Positive energy for that one.

And positive energy for my family too. Truly and deeply.

And for health and happiness. I hope I always find or make ways to be happy. Despite anything else going on. Don’t forget to smile =]

And positive energy for YOGA! I’m going 3 years strong with this practise of mine now. And I am so excited to bring in another year with it. On my new extra long mat this year too! It’s so beautiful to be on a map that fits…and that’s mine. Thank you, Mom ❤

And shout out/positive energy to the climate movement, which I have found myself in over the past year. Organising and mobilising. Let’s go!

And to financial independence.

And to my people — my Black people — my love, strength, and motivation. I’ll keep doing it for us.

And to music, because what you have done for me this year gave me new hope in how I see this world. It really is a beautiful time to be alive.

Oh, and lastly, but not leastly (yup, just made that a word), to BROOKLYN! Can’t believe it hasn’t even been a full year yet since I switched boroughs. So much growth in myself. It’s crazy and beautiful, and I’m very proud.

This is the first year in a while that I’m not starting off on the high of brand new news to celebrate, so in a sense I feel like I have no idea what to expect, but at the same time, I’ll be doing something big soon for the first time since being an “adult” — celebrating a one year work anniversary. Cray. Positive energy to all those millenials out there struggling; we’re all just some broke ass people in a city.

And positive energy to love – in whatever form it may present itself.

And to those who sustain me. Really and truly.

Another circle around the sun completed in space. Beautiful space. The power is so beautiful – I can’t help to smile.

Thank you and love you.

Looking forward to seeing what the hell 2016 has in store for me. I know a new passport will be in my possession – end of an era! 10 years. That’s how long I’m coming up to for doing this travelling thing I love. Blessed.

Thank you, Nana and Poppy ❤

Alright 2016 girl, I’m ready for you!

Photo Credit: David Tong


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