Dear White Gays: Stop

 “When a Black woman tells you you’re not being a good ally, you listen; you don’t berate and undermine.” -Yvonne, Associate Editor of Autostraddle

My blood bubbles with fury as I see yet another article published by a white gay men responding to Sierra Mannie’s brilliant piece, “Dear White Gays: Stop Stealing Black Female Culture.” Here’s the thing, if you’re bothered by Sierra’s thoughts, get the hell over it. Black people, and Black women especially, have had to deal with centuries of white people literally getting to write how Black people DESERVED to be sexually violated and/or dead, with Black people never even being ALLOWED public space to rebut. But now that my beautiful Black sisters are refusing to be subjected to inappropriate cultural appropriation done by a community of inherent privilege, it seems like every white gay male has been given space to publish what they think is wrong, on a national level. STOP!

You were called out for a reason.

The fact that there have been way more pieces going around by gay white men on the feelings of Black women than by Black women themselves, is the main problem in which Sierra argued. BLACK WOMEN ARE NOT GIVEN SPACE TO CLAIM THEIR IDENTITY without other groups trying to take them down.

I am not here for it, and though I will kindly engage in listening to opposing sides, unless you are a Black woman, your opinion means nothing.

Because you cannot tell someone that what they feel from their lived experience is wrong! 

Being an ally means listening to others and accepting their truth as nothing less—an honest truth. I’m just DONE! 

“Regardless of what our privileges and lack of privileges are, regardless of the laws and rhetoric that have attempted to divide us, we are equal, even though we aren’t the same, and that is okay.” -Sierra Mannie


What do you think?

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